My first step into the Blogger’s World

Here I am, finally taking a step into the Blogging World. I have resisted the itch but I thought it’s time now to begin this journey. I have been kinda active on Twitter with micro-blogs, sharing my thoughts and sharing links to other blogs that I like. The decision to blog was mainly driven by the fact that sometimes I found the 140-ish character limit on Twitter too short to share my thoughts and sometimes I felt lack of good blogs covering various topics. So I thought rather than complaining, why not start one of my own.

You can expect topics covering Technology, Storage, Virtualization, Backup etc.

As far as the name of the Blog goes, I wanted some thing that could relate to what I would cover here. Being late the party, it was tough to grab a name that was my first or second choice but Virtual Data Blocks is not bad either. I have started liking it since the first time I put it in.

So there it is. I wish that you like it and follow it. I’ll try my best to be regular.

See you soon..


-Satinder (@storarch)

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