Whats new in Data ONTAP 8.2

Data ONTAP 8.2 RC1 has been posted to the NetApp support site. Being a Major Release after 8.1.x, it has a lot of new functionalities. Here is a quick list of features (not exhaustive) that have been added to Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) 8.2 –

  • Support for SnapVault on systems running Clustered Data ONTAP 
  • Quality of Service which enables customers to define limit in IOPs or MB/s at a Vserver, Volume, LUN or File level
  • Support for SMB 3.0 including Continuous Availability, Witness Node (for Hyper-V) and Referrals for SMB (standard shares).
  • Support for ODX. As in the case of VAAI, for NetApp, ODX means both speed and storage efficiency. So any copy is not only accelerated, it is not duplicated (needs FlexClone license).
  • Windows File Share enhancements in Clustered ONTAP (Fpolicy, Remote VSS, Branch Cache, Access Based Enumeration, Roaming Profiles, Previous Versions for NetApp Snapshot copies, Folder Redirection, Local Users and Groups etc.)
  • Support for Consistency Groups when creating Snapshot copies
  • Support for non-disruptively relocating aggregate in a HA-Pair without moving any data. The current use case for this is tech refreshes.
  • Improvements in Deduplication Scan Speeds
  • VMware VAAI for SAN in cDOT – This completes the API support in cDOT.
  • Licensing changes – For any fresh deployments licenses will have serial numbers of the nodes embedded in them. This could be significant. So talk to your account team on how this affects your environment.
  • The ability to have Switchless, 2 node  cDOT clusters. This takes away the need for having Cluster Interconnect switches for 2 node clusters
  • Support for Single Node cDOT Clusters – This has big use case for customers who want to save some cost on their SnapMirror or SnapVault destinations.
  • Support for Intracluster FlexCache Volumes.
  • Increased Aggregate sizes. The aggregate size limits go up to 400TB in case of the 6290s. The limits have at least gone up by 2x for all platforms
  • FlexVol limts increased from 500 to 1000 per node except in case of low end FAS2xxx series and some older platforms like FAS3140 and FAS3210. Max FlexVols for a Cluster limit bumped up to 6000
  • No of LUNs increased to 8192 per node from 2048 with a cluster supporting a max of 49,152 LUNs.
  • Infinite Volumes can now live with standard FlexVols and Vservers with added support for SMB 1.0, Flash Pool and Unified ACLs.
  • Flexibility to move SnapMirror/SnapVault source and destination volumes during data transfers
  • Ability to have a different RAID type for SSD and Spinning Drives in a Flash Pool Aggregate.
  • Support for 8 Nodes in a SAN or Unified Cluster

As you can see, 8.2 has brought in a lot of new functionality and each of these features needs a Blog Post on its own. Congratulations to the NetApp Engineers, Product Managers and team on this release.

You can Download 8.2 RC1 from the NetApp Support Site here.

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